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Access Tools Car Opening Tools : Complete Lock-out Sets: Basic Combo
Access Tools Air Wedge - Air Jack and Super Air Jack
Unlike any other Air Wedge on the market. The Air Jack from Access Tools is the best air wedge in the car opening market. The bladder is made out of ballistic nylon, not rubber, which is important because rubber stretches, while the nylon won’t. This wedge is available in two sizes, large and small, the small one for smaller vehicles, with the super air wedge for large sedans/SUV’s. The Super Air Jack is much bigger in order to offer a stronger hold for use in larger vehicles and trucks. Also, for ease of insertion, the ballistic nylon does not grip onto the rubber, and to further aid insertion, there is a built in stiffener that prevents the wedge from bending when you are trying to insert it.

Air Wedge - Item # AW   $34.95 (Check your reseller for best price)
Super Air Wedge - Item # SAW   $39.95 (Check your reseller for best price)


1628 NW 28th Street, Miami, FL 33142 - USA | 800-323-8324  305-635-1011
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